Imagine checking the mail today and seeing a certified envelope from the State wit your name on it. "What can this be?" you wonder, "Could it be my cannabis business licenses?" The contents of this envelope could be life altering. You haven't felt this much anticipation and nervousness opening a letter since when you were hesitant to open your college acceptance letter. You spent a great deal of time and effort compiling your application, partnered with experts to ensure you were on the right track and now is the moment of truth. Was it all worth it? You tear at the seal and slide the documents out...You have officially become a cannapreneur with a license to do business! 


Are you confident in your cannabis business application but are seeking a set of qualified eyes to proofread and review to ensure you are submitting the best possible application?

Perhaps you're confident in your ability to build a successful, sustainable and compliant cannabis business but need assistance navigating through the application process and jurisdictional requirements.


There are many concerns to keep in mind when drafting your cannabis business application, and it is essential to proofread each and every page, part and element with sharp eyes. That's why you engage with The J. Whitney Group as your second set of qualified eyes to help you through the application process. 

Whether you are looking for a final proofreading with valuable feedback about improvements that could be made to strengthen your application, or you need application assistance from start to finish, we have a team of dedicated APPLICATION CONSULTANTS who are here to help!


Securing a license is the first hurdle when starting a new cannabis business, as the number of licenses awarded are usually limited and the standards for acquiring a license are high.

The contents of a cannabis business application tend to be complex and require a great deal of valid data and other information that must be carefully crafted, presented and explained. Every detail must be correct. The contents, as a whole, must be carefully formatted and organized. Citations and references to state statutes must be accurate, thorough and consistent, and the writing must be clear, and void of all grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.

After all, this is your first impression - and quite possibly your only chance for the foreseeable future to prove to the state that you have the means, the minds and the ability to build and operate a successful and compliant cannabis business.

If you want to create the best possible impression of your business, it is vitally important that your application shows the best work that you can achieve, and advisement and proofreading by experts will help you do this! This way, you lead the application creation, putting your heart, mind and soul into the application process, and then you have a knowledgeable consultants that has your back to look out for anything you might miss. 


Cannabis business applications are assessed in great detail. State officials will evaluate every aspect, every minute detail of your plan, your team and your ability to create an exceptional case for your business license. To further complicate the application process, each state has its own unique, individual licensing requirements. Our APPLICATION CONSULTANTS are here to help winnow these complexities, providing you with the expertise and guidance to ensure you are headed in the right direction. 

If you engage us from the start, our APPLICATION ADVISING + REVIEW will give you the preparatory paperwork to get you started, and professional proofreading services needed to ensure you submit the best possible application; revised and refined for perfection. 

If you engage us once you have everything together to the furthest of you and your team's ability, our APPLICATION CONSULTANT'S proofreading will give you the answer to your question of, "I think this is good, but what could be better?"


The J. Whitney Group is here to help you succeed. Contact us today to see how we can help you overcome the first hurdle and on to creating a successful cannabis business!



So you want to break into the cannabis industry, aye? Perhaps you are a business aficionado but a novice to the cannabis industry. Perhaps this is your first business venture and you want to take a whack at a cannabis business but don't know where to begin. Imagine having access to a knowledgeable team of cannabis industry nerds who have your back as you navigate the complexities of starting a new cannabis (ad)venture.


What type of cannabis business do you want to start? How much capitalization do you need? How do you go about applying and securing a cannabis business license? What kind of experts and vendors do you need to partner with to start the business off right?


You wouldn't trek the back-country woods in flip-flops and wishful thinking. Chances are you wouldn't last through the night! Partners like us, consulting firms that have emerged from established markets have trekked the rocky road that is the cannabis industry. Our clients have done it before and we know what new businesses or transitioning businesses are likely to face. And, if you face something we haven't seen before, we know how to navigate the water, and if we don't, we can tell you who can. We act as advisors and advocates for your cannabis industry sucess through every step and every hurdle of the process.  

This is where The J. Whitney Group, your cannabis business consulting firm, excels. We work with cannapreneurs and groups who have the resources, passion and desire to enter the market, but lack the technical expertise and industry knowledge to plan and launch a successful operation. If you are looking to break into the cannabis industry, The J. Whitney Group is here to help you succeed! Every successful business starts with a vision and we are committed to seeing your vision come to fruition. 


The J. Whitney Group serves as your trusted friend and helping hand throughout the startup process of your new cannabis (ad)venture. Whether you are in the pre-licensing or post-licensing stage, we provide you with the industry insights and technical expertise to plan and launch a successful and compliant dispensary, production or cultivation facility. 

Our STARTUP CONSULTANTS acts as a guide to navigate you through the murky and rough waters of the cannabis business startup process. We advise on resources to use, assist in selecting vendors, gather information, provide insights on best practices and assist in creating the next steps on the ladder of sustainable growth. 


Operating in this emerging and rapidly changing industry requires experienced partners who can help avoid costly mistakes and who can identify easily accessible opportunities. A cannabis business consultant can provide clarity about some of the foggy aspects of the cannabis business startup process. Our team of STARTUP CONSULTANTS can help you navigate the startup process and support you through the on-going development of becoming a successful cannabis business. 

We get a handle on your vision and help you forge the path to making your vision a reality. It's not a simple process, but you know that. While we can't promise completely smooth sailing, we can offer wholeheartedly dedicating our energy, resources, diligence, ambition, cannabis industry knowledge and intellect to bring the vision of your cannabis business to fruition. 


Starting a cannabis business is for thrill-seekers, risk takers, for people who are willing to take a shot in the dark because they believe they can create something great. Are you ready?


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