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Obtaining a Commercial Cannabis Business License in Oklahoma

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

On June 26, 2018, Oklahoma voters approved State Question 788, the Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, which allows for the use, cultivation, processing and distribution of medical marijuana to qualified businesses and medical patients. In addition to commercial cannabis business licenses, qualified patients, caregivers and physicians may apply for medical marijuana license.

Oklahoma health officials adopted new guidelines for the use of medical marijuana in the state after earlier rules hastily adopted in July 2018 came under harsh criticism from the Attorney General and medical marijuana advocates. The state Board of Health voted unanimously to adopt new rules that amended or revoked entirely the previous guidelines, including: eliminating a ban on the sale of smokable cannabis; requirements that a pharmacist be in every dispensary; women of “childbearing age” undergo a pregnancy test; and guidelines that limited the levels of THC. The approved Emergency Rules for State Question 788 with additional approved revisions is as follows:

Oklahoma Governor Fallin signed and approved the revised emergency rules unanimously approved by the Oklahoma State Board of Health during a special meeting on August 1, 2018.


There are four (4) types of Commercial Cannabis Business Licenses available:

  • Medical Marijuana Cultivation License

  • Medical Marijuana Processing License

  • Medical Marijuana Dispensing License

  • Medical Marijuana Transportation License*

*A medical marijuana transportation license will be provided with an approved commercial grower, processor, or dispensary license. A transportation license is in the form of a notation on the commercial grower, processor or dispensary license and allows for an individual/entity to legally transport medical marijuana with a copy of the license.


Whether you want to open a dispensary, production or cultivation facility, securing a commercial cannabis business license in Oklahoma is your first hurdle. The contents of a commercial cannabis business application tend to be complex and requires a great deal of intricate data, such as financial planning, standard operating procedures, community and environmental impact planning, citation and references to state statutes, amongst other information that must be carefully crafted, presented and explained. Additionally, there are many concerns to keep in mind when drafting your cannabis business application; it is essential to proofread each and every page, part and element with sharp eyes. After all, this is your first impression and quite possibly your only chance to prove to the State of Oklahoma that you have the means and are willing and able to build and operate a successful and compliant medical marijuana business.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) posted application information and instructions for patients and businesses interested in obtaining a medical marijuana license on their website. Applications are only accepted online and not available at any state or county health offices. A valid email address is required to create an account, login and submit your application. This email address will be used to send notices and updates once an account is created.

The information and required documentation for a commercial cannabis business license is as follows, and must be completed in full prior to submitting your application:

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) began accepting applications online for medical marijuana license on August 25, 2018. Completed applications will be processed by the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) within two weeks after submission. As of September 24, 2018, 377 dispensaries, 593 growers and 165 processors have been approved. At this time, there is no limit on the number of awarded commercial cannabis business licenses.

If you need application assistance from the ground up, The J. Whitney Group, your cannabis business consulting firm, has a team of dedicated Application Consultants who are here to help you every step of the way. By engaging with us from the start, we will give you the preparatory paperwork to get your application underway, and professional proofreading services needed to ensure you submit the best possible application, revised and refined for perfection.


  • Applicants must be 25 or older.

  • Individual applicants must be Oklahoma residents.

  • Members, managers, and board members of entity applications must all be Oklahoma residents.

  • Entities must show that at least 75% ownership held by an Oklahoma resident.

  • Unless the business entity is a Sole Proprietorship or General Partnership, the applying entity must submit a copy of the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s certificate of good standing documents, to prove the business is registered to do business in Oklahoma.

  • All owners must provide a background check; nonviolent felony convictions in the last two years and any other felony conviction in the last five (5) years for any owner will disqualify the applicant.

  • Dispensary must provide proof that they are not within 1,000 feet of any entrance to any public of private school.

All commercial cannabis business license applications must but submitted online to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority.

Commercial cannabis business applications are assessed in great detail. State officials will evaluate every aspect, every minute detail of your plan, your team and your ability to create an exceptional case for your business license. In order to create the best possible impression, it is vitally important that your application shows the best work you can achieve; advisement and proofreading by industry experts will help you do this. At The J. Whitney Group, our Application Consultants are here to help winnow these complexities, providing you with the expertise and guidance to ensure you are headed in the right direction.


The application fee for a grower, processor, or dispensary application is $2,500 for each license. If you intend on having multiple locations, all applicants must submit a separate license application and a non-refundable application fee for each proposed location. Application fees will be paid by Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card. An additional credit card processing fee will be added to the transaction. The application and processing fees are non-refundable, and if an application for a license is denied for any reason, the payment will not be refunded.

The J. Whitney Group typically anticipates a minimum capitalization of $250,000 to $500,000 will be required for facility build-out costs and initial operating expenses.


If you are looking to break into the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry, The J. Whitney Group is here to help you succeed. Whether you are looking for a final proofreading with valuable feedback about improvements that could strengthen your application, or need application assistance from start to finish, we have a team of dedicated professionals to help you each step of the way. Our Application Advising + Review will give you more confidence and peace of mind knowing you submitted the best possible application. Contact us today and discover how we will help you overcome the first hurdle, and more, to create a winning application and successful and thriving cannabis business!

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