THE J.WHITNEY GROUP is a vision driven cannabis business consulting firm that works with purpose-driven cannabis businesses, including both new venture and existing cannabis dispensaries, cultivation and production facilities.  

 Our MISSION is to inspire and drive the cannabis industry

to an elite position among all industries through high-level performance standards.  


We believe the Cannabis industry has the potential to be a leader among industries, and that the path to realizing our vision for the cannabis industry is through the establishment of excellent, purpose-driven cannabis businesses which exemplify respectable, responsible, innovative, creative and socially responsible business strategies and practices.  


The J.Whitney Group operates with the vision of creating a Cannabis industry that is a leader amongst all industries - A Cannabis industry that is innovative, progressive, sustainable, cultured, compassionate, respectable and responsible. A big business that profits greatly operates excellently and does well for the world at large.


The vision we have for the cannabis industry may seem idealistic but we assure you that it is attainable.  We have seen this vision becoming reality throughout the cannabis industry.  Everything we do, from setting up compliant cannabis business operations to acting as a partner for cannabis businesses in maintaining high-level operational compliance is designed to steer our clients toward becoming the types of entities capable of leading the cannabis industry toward this vision.



The J.Whitney Group has a culture of wholeness. Our culture defines the way we operate internally and the way which we interact with our cannabis industry clients and their cannabis businesses. Each part affects the other. Each step forward for one part is a step forward for the whole. We make all decisions in line with the company vision and we stick by our values whether in the face of adversity or a great victory. All things Upward. 




We believe in creating companies that not only survive, but thrive.  We guide our clients in making creative, data-driven, strategic decisions for success in both the short term and long term.


There are standards to meet, there are standards to exceed and there are standards to be set.  Not only do we ensure that our clients are operating in accordance with regulatory standards in their legalized marijuana markets, but we work with our clients in setting standards of excellence throughout their cannabis businesses,  and working by those standards in every aspect of their operation.  These standards are the competitive edge that gives our clients the ability to contribute to making the Cannabis industry a leader among industries.  


Our cannabis business consultants become actively involved in the success of the cannabis businesses we choose to work with.  We can't help it.  We actually care.  We are available, we stay informed and we act on behalf of our clients, and in their best interest. We listen to you, we look out for you and when things might get tough, we have your back.  Your success is our success.


New methods; advanced and original, oriented toward success/winning.  

© 2019 by The J. Whitney Group.

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Cannabis Business Consulting
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